April 16, 2012

It’s been awhile… in more ways than one.

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I’m sorry! Things have been pretty crazy for me the last week or so. I just signed a lease on an apartment, so Little and I finally get our own place- yay! Between apartment searching, dating, working and being a mom I have been running my butt off. I have a few dates to recap, but would like to add a disclaimer first: The rest of my post is not awkward, upsetting or even especially funny. It is mostly happy and romantic- I apologize.

Last week I actually saw D three times. The date where he asked me to be his girlfriend, which I have already recapped in a previous post, Wednesday night at his place, then Friday night when we saw the Titanic in 3D.

On Wednesday night, I went to his place where we watched some TV. We then went out for a snack and a drink, then back to his place again. As we were just lying there, cuddling, we had a nice conversation. D asked me what my biggest fears were. I told him I have a huge fear of the unknown. I also told him I have a fear of being “boring” or seeming unintelligent. He then told me what his fears were. His first fear was being stuck in a relationship and not knowing how to end it. I asked if that is why he has had no long-term relationships and he replied in the affirmative. D’s second fear was the fear of being a bad parent, and also losing some of himself while being a parent. I weighed in that I thought the fact that he worried about being a bad parent probably meant he would be a pretty good one. I also told him that once you have your own kid, you’re not as concerned about yourself anymore. Your child becomes the center of your universe. So even if it doesn’t seem like it now, that part of his parenting fear will be irrelevant.

One other topic of conversation that night was my blog. I had been feeling slightly guilty about writing so many personal things about our relationship, and about him, that I just wanted to reaffirm that it was okay. I said “So you know that I primarily blog about my feelings and the relationships I have, right?” He said “Sure,” then “so what’s my code name?” I started laughing. He didn’t care. I told him I do have a fear of him stumbling upon my blog, and he reassured me he hasn’t gone looking for it.

It was a relaxing and insightful night.

Then on Friday night…

I said “Screw you, April!” for taking away the unseasonably warm days that we had in March, and wore a cute summer dress out to meet D at the movie theater. Our 18 year old ticket taker was incredibly stoked about the fact that we hadn’t seen the Titanic in 3D yet. She told us how awesome it was, and how much we were going to love it. I admired her enthusiasm, but also couldn’t stop thinking that she was a toddler when the movie first came out. She made me feel old. Anyways…

Titanic is a great “date night” movie if your date is tolerable of it. I might not have suggested it personally, but am glad we went. I may or may not have mentioned this in a previous post, but D admitted on one of our first dates to having seen the Titanic three times in the theater at the age of 16. He is a little bit of a romantic, and I love it. We joked during some parts of the movie at the poor acting of a young Kate and a young Leo. We also held hands during the more romantic parts. The three hours flew by.

Afterwards we went out for a few drinks. I actually drank a little more than usual. As we had met somewhere in between where we both live, D drove me back to his place with the agreement he would get me back to my car at some point before dawn after I had sobered up a bit…

There are some details I refuse to divulge here- or even to my closest friends. I have been called a prude by said friends. I don’t care. But I will tell you this- it was absolutely worth the wait. 🙂