July 28, 2012

The “L” word.

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Here I go-I am going to attempt to write a short post on my phone. The lack of the ability to easily edit and re-edit my thoughts irritates me, but I’m just going to deal with it in order to share in a timely manner.

Last night I had a date with D. A night out as my parents were kind enough to babysit Little for me. Also, I’m starting my healthy lifestyle kick, so I wanted to have a few drinks before I swear off alcohol for two weeks.

D and I went to one of our favorite bars where we had a bite to eat and these disgusting blue martinis that were on special for $5. I say disgusting because I’m not used to such a strong drink. Even though neither of us cared for the martinis, we both sucked it up and finished them so as not to let them go to waste. We stopped at another bar where the long islands were on special and also tasted SO much better.

At this point we were feeling pretty good. It was a beautiful night, so we stopped at the park downtown to sit for a little while. There was a guy playing some old school, mellow Nirvana on his guitar. It was very romantic.

I brought up the subject of our Facebook relationship status. I said “You perplex me.” I went on to explain how I was shocked to have him out us publicly on Facebook so very soon after the conversation we had about being content in our relationship the way things were. I don’t remember exactly what he said, but the gist of it was that I had made him happy or comfortable with that conversation. Comfortable enough in our relationship to make it Facebook official.

As we were walking home he pulled a “I was going to say something, but I changed my mind”. I get very irritated when people do that-it’s one of my pretty peeves. Then I saved a kitty from getting hit by a car (the stupid thing stopped in the middle of the street to lick itself, despite the headlights bearing down on it) and I forgot about what D didn’t say.

But before I fell asleep that night I remembered that he’d held something back, so I asked him again. He said “I almost said the ‘L’ word, but I stopped myself.”

Oh. Wow.

I said “Oh, ok.”

He said “Yeah. I was going to say I loathe you.” Sure.

We laughed and fell asleep. But I’m thinking he meant a different “L” word.



  1. New Single Guy said,

    How would you have responded if he said it?

    • lol- i don’t know! i sort of laughed it off when he inferred that he almost said it rather than talk about it. i could easily say it back, because i think i do, but i am frightened, i think?

      • New Single Guy said,

        I think maybe he was testing the waters to see how you’d respond, without actually saying it. That’s my guess.

  2. Paula said,

    Why do men always say women are insecure? I’ve known more guys like D, afraid to say important things. It’s weird. But at least he said something about it so you know. And the FB status is a positive sign, not because of FB, but the public aspect. 🙂

    • lol… in this case i may be more insecure than him. it is nice to know where he stands, and i don’t mind waiting a little longer to hear it for real.

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