August 27, 2012


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Last Friday was very stressful for me. Little woke up with a fever after having been at daycare earlier in the week with a kiddo that tested positive for strep. My poor 9 ½ year old puppy also had a fever, and a pretty bad infection. I spent my day traveling between the vet and the pediatrician. On top of the stress of two sick ones at home, D and I had plans to leave for Chicago that night and to go to my first Cubs game on Saturday. My mother reassured me that Little and the pup would be okay with them, and to continue with my plans.

D picked me up at my parents, where I left Little with my aunt and uncle who had come to visit. My parents had gone to pick up a pizza, and would be back soon. I got into D’s car and sighed with relief that I would soon be sitting on my sister’s deck in Chicago drinking a glass of wine and relaxing after an overwhelming day. We had one last stop to grab a quick dinner with D’s parents on the way out of town.

As we are walking up to the door of the restaurant I notice that a car similar to my grandparent’s car was in the parking lot, and said “Oh, maybe my Grandma is here…”

We walk in and I was shocked. I was floored. I was- yep, you guessed it- surprised. A dozen of my close family members and friends were there. My birthday wasn’t for another week, but since I had plans to be out of town my family conspired to throw me a surprise party. I immediately teared up as I hugged my grandma, telling her I did indeed see her car outside, but yes I was very surprised. About three weeks earlier my cousin had texted D and my sister to plan the party. A lot of lying and deceiving me followed, and they succeeded immensely. D even remembered my favorite kind of cake, and had one ordered from the local bakery. We ate dinner and cake and I opened presents. It was an overwhelming end to an overwhelming day, but in a good way.

D and I decided to drive into Chicago the next morning, as my sister had just gotten into town for the party. We went back to my place after a quick stop to purchase a bottle of wine with the money my grandma gave me for my birthday (Thanks, Grandma!)

Later, as we were laying there falling asleep I finally mustered the courage to tell D I loved him. He returned the sentiment.

Even though the Cubs lost the game the next day, it was still my best birthday yet.


  1. New Single Guy said,

    This is one of those instances where I wish I could like this post about a billion times. D sounds like an excellent guy. I’m really glad to see things playing out so well for you with him. Hopefully things keep on the up-and-up!

  2. thewifeiam said,

    Hey. I have a friend who would love your blog. I’ll pass it along

    Also. Check mine out.


  3. I’m happy for you! And happy birthday in advance!

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